Saturday, November 19, 2016

A new piece of beer memorabilia

I just got this piece in the mail today. It is an advert for Peru's Cerveza Cristal.  It will serve as an addition and a counterpoint to the one for Cerveza Pilsen Callao that I have affixed to the side of the house.

Cristal and Pilsen were for many years Peru's two main rival brands. They are, respectively, the best- and second best-selling labels in Peru today, and are still viewed as competing brands, although they are now, in fact, both controlled by the Union de Cervecerias Peruanas Backus y Johnston company.

Peruvian Beer Cup 2016

In late October, coinciding with Lima Beer Week, the Unión de Cervecerías Artesanales del Perú (UCAP), the association representing the bulk of Peru's craft brewers, held the first Copa Peruana de Cervezas (Peruvian Beer Cup) competition.

The Cup was open to craft berwers and homebrewers, with the requirement that the beer entered must have been produced somewhere within Peru.  The organizers received entries representing 178 individual labels made by brewers from all corners of the country.

Judging was conducted by Beer Judge Certification Program-certified beer judges and the beers were judged with reference to the BJCP beer style guidelines. The results were announced on October 23rd, at a ceremony held at the Hops brewpub in Lima's historic Pueblo Libre neighborhood.

The big winners overall were: Cerveceria del Valle, with 6 medals (4 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze); Barbarian, with 5 medals (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze); Maddok, with 3 medals (2 silver, 1 bronze); Cumbres, with a silver and a bronze medal; and Invictus with 2 bronze medals. Eight  other breweries earned 1 medal each.

Barbarian came away with a First and Second Place in the Best of Show category for, respectively, "Chicha Tu Mare Sour Ale" and "Mañanero Café Pale Ale", while Cusco's Cerveceria del Valle walked away with Third Place Best of Show for its "A Very Complicated Case - Oak-Aged Blueberry Sour".

Detailed results can be read HERE.