Sunday, April 27, 2014

Heretic Brewing Company

Today, due to its hosting the AHA Members' Rally, I got to look around the new Heretic brewery in Fairfield, where Jamil Zainasheff and his partners have set up shop after moving out of E. J. Phair's brewery in Pittsburg.

The smaller tanks at back are the ones brought over from the days at E. J. Phair, and the ones in the foreground are newer 120-barrell tanks.

Evil Twin ale

The blow-off tube furiously in action from one of the 120-barrel fermenters

The fermenter from which the staff filled our carboys and buckets.

An ale with pommergranate.

120-barrel fermenter

The tap room

AHA Members' Rally

The Brewing Network kicks off its broadcast of the event
Mike McDole interviewed
Gary Glass, AHA President, addresses the attendees
Gary Glass, AHA President, conducting the raffle
Volunteers filling containers for the Wort Giveaway